Ledig stilling som utvikler (RPG)

JoinGame videreformidler herved en stillingsutlysning fra Storbritannia:

«The Serious Games Institute, Coventry University Technology park has a funded placement (full time) for a developer (undergraduate or postgraduate) from October 2011 to March 2012.

We are looking for potential candidates who have an interest in programming and 3D virtual world development. The game platform that we are currently using is UNITY (C sharp scripting).

The selected candidate will work on a development project with a team of designers for a role-play game (possible interactive narrative). There will be 2-3 role-play scenarios that will be developed within this period with a prototype to be completed by the end of march 2012.

Applications (cover letter and CV) should be emailed directly to Dr Sylvester Arnab: s.arnab@coventry.ac.uk

Dr. Sylvester Arnab»


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